My printmaking began as a form of personal expression which was independent of the constraints imposed by working to commission in architectural mosaic work.

The world of fun and fantasy found in medieval manuscripts and carvings is explored in my Bestiary Series of etchings and aquatints.

The collographs developed in parallel with my mosaic work which has a strong emphasis on texture and the raised levels of contrasting materials.

Now print making has become a way to make experimental images which can reach a wider public because of their lower price when editioned.

See Gallery.

Green Guardian,
Etching and Aquatint 39 x 30 cm
Questioning Beasts,
Etching and Aquatint 17 x 18 cm
Bird Man,
Collograph 14 x 10 cm
Lion of Fars,
Etching 15 x 15 cm
Rock Diagonal,
Etching and Aquatint 14 x 12 cm
Earthling, Collograph 24 x 19 cm
Rising Sequence,
Collograph 22.5 x 17.5 cm
River Roundel,
Etching and Aquatint 57 x 48 cm
Collograph 21 x 13 cm