Jane Muir has drawn and painted all her life and cannot do without her drawing, the language of creativity.

Sketchbooks kept over a number of years, are used to feed the imagination and for the working out of ideas.

Work is developed in charcoal, oils and watercolour as the original concept demands.

Fool in the Forest,
Oil on canvas 41 x 51cm
Fool in a thicket,
Ink and Watercolour 15 x 18 cm
Sounding Note,
Watercolour 38 x 29cm
Oil on Paper 33 x 29cm
Growth Renewed,
Watercolour 56 x 37 cm
Knock and it shall be opened unto you,
Watercolour 23 x 16 cm
Rising Up,
Oil on Paper 33 x 29 cm
Jefferies Project,
Watercolour, 28 x 36 cm
Green music,
Watercolour 45 x 29 cm
Oil on Paper 25 x 44cm
Cross Joist, Manor Farm Weston Turville,
Charcoal drawing
Coeurs Désoles II Edmund Rubbra,
Watercolour 29 x 37 cm
Lucky Birds,
Watercolour 33 x 23 cm