My interest in mosaic began with a study visit to Ravenna, Italy, as part of my Modern History M.A. At Oxford University. This was developed practically during my studies at Teeside College of Art under Joan Haswelland in subsequent visits to the Orsoni workshops in Venice and to the Mosaics College in Spilimbergo, Friluli Italy.

Working in mosaic in England today raised the question of how to avoid historic pastiche and relate mosaic panels to english vernacular architecture. This led to the inclusion of British slate and stone, hand made roof tiles and found objects. An innovative technique using raised levels which contrasted the light absorption qualities of slate and stone with slab glass and traditional mosaic tesserae was developed.

A demand arose in the 1970s for amateur professional training in mosaic. At the request of the Crafts Council I composed handsheets listing available training courses, I also started the mosaic courses and summer school course at West Dean College, Sussex.

I made a training video, 'Mosaic as Art', which was followed by 'New Directions in Mosaic' video describing the work of students at Chelsea School of Art and three leading mosaic artists, including myself. (See CV for details).

Artist at work
For and Against
Bleu d'outremer
Over the wave triptych
Red Dragon
Chiltern Landscape
Thomas Woolf Mural
Sacred Temple
The gift bearer
Running Tide,
mosaic in smalti, silverleaf 73 x 55 cm